Finishing Options include Eyelets, Stitching and rope edging.
Installation onsite.
Polyester Fabric Banners as backdrops in an event booth.

Banners to Billboards

PVC Banners

Banners for exterior or interior application.

  • PVC Banners or Billboards (Skins)

  • Different weight and texture options available.

  • Single or Double sided

  • Options include Rope Edging, Eyelets, Hemming, Dowel Pockets, and Velcro.

PVC Backlit / Backlit Skins
  • PVC Backlit (Skins) - for larger backlit images.

  • Stretched to Frame - framing options available.

Polyester Fabric
  • Polyester Fabric - Light weight canvas type material.

  • Ideal for interior backdrops. Fire rated options available.

  • Attachable with Velcro, or using Flex-Display fittings for wall or ceiling hanging.

We have experienced installers and also sub-contract experienced installers for larger installations.

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