Exhibition Wall Graphics

We are experts in the filed of large format wall graphics. We started in the photographic era with the largest single piece murals in Australasia. Now with digital technology we print to self adhesive products and more recently to wallpaper.

New wallpapers are PVC free, fire retardant to international standards, long lasting, and easily removed without wall damage.

  • Wallpaper is an ideal product for large graphics in exhibition environments where removability is a key factor.

  • Wallpaper is an ideal choice in office, retail, hospital, or home interiors where non PVC based products are preferential.

  • Wallpaper is equally ideal in museum environment where permanence, and fire retardant properties are essential

  • There is also a selection of textures in the Wallpaper range

Talk to us about your need and see what solutions we can provide.

HP Wallpaper Case Study - Children Environment Singapore (PDF)

HP Wallpaper Case Study - Ontario Museum Canada (PDF)

Example Images

Top: Te Papa, Air New Zealand 75th Anniversary Exhibition

2nd: Te Papa, Air New Zealand 75th Anniversary Exhibition

3rd: Expressions, Upper Hutt, The Presidents

Bottom: Waitangi Museum

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