Diamond Tread Similar to standard diamond plate tread
Ceramic Smooth with shallow indentations, like orange peel
Wood Grain - Fine grain wood with random lines

Printable PVC Flooring


  • G-Floor is a printable repositional overlay flooring media
  • G-Floor is suitable for short term, tradeshow, or long term exhibition requirements
  • G-Floor is available as precut mats, 610 x 914mm, 810 x 1200mm, with rounded corners, or as a roll suitable for longer lengths
  • G-Floor is available in different surfaces, stock permitting
  • Strips of G-Floor can be joined with a special tape and the product can be adhered to the base floor.
  • Anti Slip backing can be applied to the underside
  • Download our brochure - pdf

TexWalk Flooring

  • TexWalk is a printable self adhesive PVC coated fabric overlay with a strong non-slip texture - R12 Certification
  • TexWalk is suitable for short term, tradeshow, or medium term exhibition requirements
  • It will stick to floors, short pile carpet, tiles, concrete, wooden and PVC floors, walls, and doors. Removal is easy with normally no residue. Any possible residue is cleanable, testing is recommended

TexWalk Projects

Porirua Pataka 'We Built this City - Map' – 4000 x 4500 mm (18sqm) stuck to carpet tiles in the exhibition entrance for 3 months.

Porirua Pataka 'Made in Porirua_ conveyor belt' – 55m x 1200mm (66sqm) stuck to carpet tiles in the exhibition for 4 months.

Te Papa 'Dreamworks' – 2m x 10m (20sqm) stuck to ceramic tiles in a main exit bridge walkway for 3 months.

Have you considered flooring options

We provide options of self adhesive product for flooring, or pavement application. All can be cut to shape.

  • Floor graphic stickers for internal promotional use on linoleum or similar smooth surfaces.
  • TexWalk Stickers for promotional use on short pile carpet, and most indoor surfaces
  • Graphic stickers for external promotional use on concrete or street rough surfaces.
  • Asphalt Art specifically designed for promotional application to asphalt.
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