Sandwich board
Informer black base
Custom design, 1600mm high, using custom skateboard base. Incorporates an acrylic A2 poster holder each side

Skateboard design: Anderson Design

Custom design, 900mm high, using Executive white base
Informer Red base

Footpath Signs &

Sandwich Boards

Simple and easy way to attract your customers.

  • Several models available, your preference, ask about current favourites.

  • Full colour graphics printed both sides

  • Plastic bases available in different colours

  • Plastic bases can be water or sand filled for extra weight

  • Optional wheels make moving easy

  • Can include Whiteboard or blackboard areas

  • Design templates for main models available

  • Custom shape designs

  • Prices for volume quantities

Custom Design considerations must include city council requirements for size and wind tolerance if used on the pavement.

Please note city councils require an annual permit for use of a footpath sign that you will be responsible for.

Talk to us about your need and see what solutions we can provide.

Executive Footpath Sign Brochure (PDF)

Executive Footpath Sign 800 template (PDF)

Executive Footpath Sign Special 930 template (PDF)

Informer Footpath Sign Brochure (PDF)

Informer Footpath Sign Template (PDF)

Executive black base

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