Interpretation Signs

We have produce digitally printed Interpretation Signage since 1997, with many such signs being deployed in extreme conditions on Department of Conservation tracks, wildlife parks and tourist locations.

Durable against the elements. Our products have proven durability against UV Light and weather conditions with most signs exceeding 5 years in extreme locations. With minimal cover from buildings or not facing all day sun, graphics can have an unlimited life.

  • We work with designers of Interpretation Signage and are members of the Interpretation Network of New Zealand - INNZ.

  • Durability - a key factor. Constantly testing and evaluating new processes and materials.

  • Cost of Production - A key factor is cost of production of change-outs. As there is no totally vandal proof product, our philosophy is to produce signs simply, cost effective, and allow for easy change-out on site.

Talk to us about your need and see what solutions we can provide.

Download Interpretation Signage Brochure (PDF)

Example Images

Top: Wellington South Coast

2nd: Ships Cove, Marlborough Sound

3rd: Ships Cove, Close up

Bottom: Milford Sound

Thanks to Janet Bathgate Design for images 2,3 & Bottom

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