Wallpaper - Create your own

Wallpaper is going through a revolution. No longer the product of Grandma's house, it's now an easy, affordable, and modern alternative for wall covering and imaging.

With the paper from HP, free from PVC, and environmentally friendly, you can cover a wall for long term use, or short term with it's garranteed easy removability. Other products are available and will be included in your quote.

  1. Click on the Wallpaper Creation Centre box to the right to take you to the HP Wall Builder web site
  2. Create a new project by entering the details. You can choose from, Wall Covering (wallpaper), Wall Poster ( a paper poster), Canvas (block mounted canvas print), or Wall Decal (A cutout shape, symbol, or letters) then click next
  3. Enter the dimensions - in centimetres cm, then click next
  4. Drag and drop elements onto your wall including, doors, windows, power outlets, etc. then position and size them on the wall, then click next.
  5. Select the content, image. Choose the upload button to import your image, or from the HP, Fotolia, or Pattern Design Folders. Please note there will be fees to pay for the stock images from Fotolia and Pattern Design.
  6. Position the image by moving it, enlarging it, or with Pattern Design changing the palette colours.
  7. Preview and finalise your order. Additional instructions can be written.

You will receive an email order confirmation, and we will review your order, check your image quality, and reply to you with a quote including options. You can contact us if you have any questions, email: sales@dac.co.nz, or Telephone 03 233 1450

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